miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

I had a dream

Or a series of 'em, or 5 of 'em, idk, the last one i had it seemed that i had already 5 of 'em before that, the constant was this boy and this grl, having paranormal experiences, thx to Jorge, my in law, who told me about a movie, and an experience i didn't blog about it...

So anyway, this dream was about them having a kind of affair, not spoken, she was a grl in a class with this guy helping her, huging her, but they were not a couple, they were more like friends.

The last dream of 5, so it seemed, was about they in late elemetary, she was the only grl in the club she picked up, they other boys dissapeared unexplainable. She was filmed in a parade, having her shinked in the film unexplainable, but on tape.

Then, they talked about this... kind of relationship they had, they explained that it was the 5th time they encountered paranormal activity, the last 4 of 'em were ovnis, ufos, gosts and Santa Claus... don't ask me, idk.

There was yet another constant, which is important to make note of.

There was this pond, with fish, turtles and toads on it, all grey, within the dream timeline, the pond's water rised to the point it almost spilled out of it, and the fish, the turtles and the toads going actually out of the pond, reaching the other side of it, it was a weird pond, maybe i'll draw it later.

Within the dream, sometimes it was me, sometimes i was the boy, and in a part of it, i said that i already had a wife and kid, idk if it was actually my wife the grl i was talking about within the dream, the actual couple of boys, cuz at some point, i was on med school and i had this girl who was my friend, but yet again, we were not a couple, in the dream timeline, this was the 3rd and the latest one, the next one, suposedly, we were back at elemetary or something.

Oh by the way, my boy already walked.

I don't remember having all of the 5 dreams anyway, but here's the detail, when i sleep, and i wake up in the middle of the night, and i fell sleep again, i tend to forget the first dream, and the process repeats ifself every time i wake up and fall asleep again.

Why is this so important, to blog about it, you say?

Well, it's because i have this kind of dreams once in a while, with interesting stories on 'em and i usually let them go, don't write about 'em, and then, i have exhotic and awesome looking dreams, with landscapes, colours and stuff, which i can hardly describe.

And here comes the weird aproach. I see a lot of movies, i love movies, i love watching them, knowing the cast, knowing where they have been, their first movies, who wrote the story, if it was inspired or based on a comic, a video game, a book, another movie, etc etc etc. I am a movie lover. This kind of dreams, i know they could be movies, if i ever had the chance, i'm not telling that my dreams are more awesome than the movies i like, it's more like, damn, i've seen lots of crappy movies too, i bet my dreams are far better than them, in a way.

And well, this kind of dreams are the kind to write about them in a book, or a series of 'em, or a comic, idk, stories i let go, cuz it's usual with me, i have this kind of dreams very often and i just let the stories go...

I shouldn't do that, but not every day i have a pc alongside my bed.... no, actually i do... but the point is, i shouldn't let this dreams go that easily, i'm not telling that i won't, from now on, it's a promise hard to keep, but i'll try to keep up.

So, agian, thx for your time, and excuse this poor english o'mine. I'll do my research on the pond thingy anyway.

-by unDave™

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