sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

I went to the movies....

Hellow little fellas!

Well, let me tell you about soomething that happened today.

I went to the movies, yay me! I went to see the sequel to a movie i liked so much when it came out, REC, the Spanish one, from Spain i mean, the fist one i went to the movie theater as well.

So anyway, we entered, me and my wife, to the place just in time, despite the attention they gave to me, it was a "nice evening", and we were enjoying the nice cold fall weather..... so we finally got in and just in time the spos began.

And this is where i start.

I went to the movies and i couldn't believe how much this entire "business" has changed since the last movie i saw, or maybe i wasn't aware, so, we saw the spots, yes, the usual talking ppl that i hate so much, and the couples, blah blah, then a "spot" ot a goat and something like "horror movies" or something like a festival of horror films in that cinema, everything was ok, then i found some suspicious hiddne message, i tho' it was my imaginatio, but it was "constant", i may say at this point i am still a little bit disturbed about it.

Then in the final credits, as you know i stay at the very end, like 20 seconds before it ended, there was a flash, bang! Miliseconds, and a that point i was quite disturbed..... i still am disturbed..

So anyway, regardless the usual complains about ppl, jokes, not in "the feeling", that two events caught my eye, why? Well, as i said before, i can't quite remember the time when we actually enjoyed a GOOD movie in a GOOD ambience, where ppl respected each others spaces and privacy at the movies, ok, maybe i'm too "moody" but hey, i'm sure there was a time when movies were just that, movies, now i got this feeling that something is just not right about anything anymore, like.... i kinda lost any hope, and movies are "lost" too.....

So, don't mind me, maybe that's something that only happened to me, and i wanted to share it, i hope you guys enjoy going to the movie theaters, i didn't even got the "student discount", maybe it was my hair, idk, maybe movie theater is going out of fashion with me, so i think future movies i will just wait for the DVD release to watch it at home in privacy... i mean c'mon, the tickets are just too high now and are made out of plain paper...

Sigh... i used to love movies, idk, maybe i'm just tired... so we'll see how do i feel by the morning, i stil have some movies left in my list, is just that i like to collect my tickets, i'm proud of my collection... so anyway, the movie was just fine, i can't takl about it, personal sule, so i'll leave you with that thought...

C'ya, i'll try to post some more content, kuz my last entry got lost kuz of the iGoogle auto-refresh function.....

So, bye now!

-by unDave™

P.D. Sorry if i talked too much, again, comments welcomed!

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009


Well, this is a new add, so i can actually post a full lenght BLOG within my workplace, kuz actually, BlogSpot is blocked from inside, so i can't consult nor post updates, and it's been a while since i had free time back in Home.

Well, updates, for all of you, i became a leader of the SinSenStu or Sin.Sentido.Studios Creative Studios, we are many members and we all do all kinds of stuff, my wife and myself are about now into making music videos, i'll post them later.

Aside from that, our HQ is a not so recently aquired Ciber-Cafe or lending PCU's business, whatever, so i'm nog in purge with my dad about the whole stuff, meanwhile, works are going on silky smooth.

I'm about to be father, we're 4 month pregnancy by now, yay! Happy non-birthday!

And that's all, i went across some ppl from the past and some business are getting settled, it is painful not to accept and deal with the past, but it has to be done, so we can advance blah blah blah.

Anyway, stay in touch, i'll be around, i hope, posting some more interesting content, for those who read me, and those who can't speak english, i kinda "sorry" them kuz i'm not posting in spanish by now, so, c'ya 'round folks.

-by unDave?

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Yo soy de esos Gamers a la atigua

Ke hay gente!!! Ps me akorde, donde puedo yo postear pendejadas ke solo a mi se me okurren? Poz en mi BLOG!!!

Gamer a la antigua
(Cancion original por Roberto Carlos)

Yo soy de esos gamers a la antigua
Ke suelen todavia usar los cables
De akellos ke en el closet aun abrigan
Consolas de otras generaciones

Yo soy akel gamer apasionado
Ke aun usa gameshark en sus partidas
Me gusta contemplar akellas retas
Parado en la fila de la makinita

yo simplemente soy de esa clase
que ya no es muy común en nuestros días
Monedas de a peso, el kallo en la mano
muchas manchas de zapato
Entre la gente del local

Voy jugando igual ke kualkiera
y vivo con la vida de hoy
pero es cierto que con frecuencia
Sufro por Dreamcast y a veces lloro por su ausencia

Pk soy de esos gamers a la antigua
Ke suelen todavia usar los cables
Aunke yo sigo este mundo
Con sus blue rays y sus discos
El game es para mi siempre lo mismo

Yo soy de esos gamers a la antigua
Ke suelen todavia usar los cables
Aunke yo sigo este mundo
Con sus blue rays y sus discos
El game es para mi siempre lo mismo
El game es para mi siempre lo mismo
siempre lo mismo
siempre lo mismo

Ueno poz si esta mamon, y es el debraye de media noche, asi ke, si no rima, no keda, no importa, es mi okurrencia.

-by unDave™

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Y despues de la marea...

Ke hay lektores, aki no mucho, ya llevamos komo 6 meses viviendo solos y las kosas no van bien alla en el exterior por eso del virus fantasma de la gripe porcina y por la chamba, ke me estan mueve y mueve de area y no me dicen nada, aunke he de admitir ke gran parte de eso es mi kulpa.

En fin, ya me habia olvidado de este pex, a ver si postemo ya mas seguido 'ora ke tenga tiempo, al fin el internet es todo mio! Muajaja.

Espero regresar pronto kon buenas noticias u okurrencias mias komo siempre. Nos vemos.

-by unDave™