domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Japan and other matters

Well hi, it's been a long time, and i don't feel bad about me not blogging that much anyway.

Just one thing before reading, read it whole, or don't. Plz.

So yeah, into topic.

Well, everybody knows that a damn earthquake just passed over Japan, damn earthquake cuz its like the damn thing doesn't warns us, i mean, it actually caught us with our pants down, that literally happened to me once when i was younger.

I live in mexico, and there is a history of big quakes in my country, so i kind of know what i'm talking about, kinda.

The problem when it happens in a large country, or an important one, is that everyone gets concerned about "commercial planes canceled" and "i wanted to go there this year" stuff, well, that is cuz, of course, is an important country, and we all know, countries run on money, don't we all?

Well, to make this concise, i'm talking about how damn selfish sons of bitches are. Some of us, not all of us, and of course, well, you'll get it.

When a quake struck Haiti we all were like "oh damn, i hope they're ok", and "jeez, that's terrible", ppl over internet even made jokes out of it, it was all over the news, the papers, internet, it was a big mediatic hit, it just happened to New Zeland, i think, and what happened? Well, ok, to the point.

I know certain ppl related to Japan, and other ppl not so related to japan, certain persons says "oh man, you should see this ppl faces, they're worried, their families, their ppl, damn man, what a catastrophe" and this other ppl saying "i'm not a 'big fan' of japan but hey, i hope they're ok".

What i mean to say is that sometimes it looks like we're selfish cuz we're only concerned about stuff that happens around us, to "our" ppl, that affects us, our living style or our lives. So of course, you won't see a japanese 'that' worried about what happened on Haiti, or what it will happen here, on my very own country, must ppl would say "fuck mexicans" and well, i kinda of concur, y're talking to the fan club president.

I'm not talking about "Damn man, why worry? It's not like you could do something, it's not your family up there, why bother?", ou contraire.

Here's what i really want to say, without all the gaba gaba.

We are ALL part of the same world, we all are humans, and living beings, it's not fair that only certain part of ppl worries about certain event happening to a certain group of persons on a certain point of the world, no man, we all should worry equally about our brothers and sisters, why being so selfish then? There are no more worthy person of our attention than a person in need, and we ALL should lend a hand, EVERY DAMN TIME!

I don't even want to read the news cuz there are lies and interests between the needs and the propaganda, the companies, don't even make me talk about that, in fact, if i could, i would help, damn straight, but i can't, and i don't feel bad about it, cuz that doesn't make any good, i just send them my best wishes, and hey, why worry? It's japan god damit, you can and you will get better, so stop worrying, who could, should do something about it.

We all are brothers, it's not fair, just what i think...

-by unDave™