martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Defying reality Part 2

Defying reality has been a HOT TOPIC into my skull lately, it's hard to think, hard to believe, hard to rise up in the morning, hard to get to school, to work, to church, to the doctor, when nothing matters, when there is no sense at all, no meaning on what you do.

Yes, i have this brain, this mentally ill brain, that can't stop thinking just one second, kuz the feelings fail me, i have this, my ideas.

Lately all my beliefs have been out trough a glass, a mirror and a magnifying glass, each one of my ideas, thoughts and feelings have been questioned, doubted, abused, and among other many ppl i don't care there is my parents and my wife, my son, well, one wrong turn and he'll become the victim.

Why did i say this? Well, there are so many important things to take account, so many events that i can't relate right now, but i'll tell you this, in every way i see it, in every thin i write and ask, and say, my deep belief is that there is A WAY AROUND THINGS, not an "easy way" or some sort, just another way, as it is, as it sounds, it's simple, but into practice, it's a whole different matter.

I was born with luck.....

That..... gives me an idea......

Stay tunned.

-by unDave™

No, i'm NOT dropping this, but first i gotta finish "Demian".

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