viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

hey dave..i've had the biggest crush on you for awhile! i don't go on here a lot but message me on under the username "wishfulthinker".


First of all, thanks, second of all, let me congratulate you for your excelente taste.

I'm sure y're an interesting person with deep feelings and all of that, but i'm affraid i can't respond to such petition and let me tell you why.

I don't usually meet ppl like this, not that i'm actually ineterested in new friends or such, and second, i'm marriaged and i have a beautiful son with my wife, so, as you can't see, i won't be allowed to do such thing.

So, again, thx and congratilations, but i'm affraid i'll pass this time... and all that's to come.

-by unDave™

Simple and stupid plain question will not be answered...

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