viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

What does it feels to be a father?

Good afternoon!

I’d like to first thank all ppl who supported us, her, me, friends and family, and all that supporting comments and congratulations you did, thank you.

Second, I’d like to REALLY answer a couple of question I’ve been thinking and re thinking, I know, I can’t stop thinking, so here goes.

Many ppl have asked me how does it feels to be a father, or what does it feels, anyway, I think right about now that it’s kind of a silly question, here’s why.

We just had a kid, my wife and I just married, yes, kind of weird isn’t it? Just a couple of years ago, but we’ve been a couple for 6 years now and oh boy, it’s a long time now and so much we’ve learn so far, so for those who said that we’ve been married for 3 years now, WRONG! 6 years and counting. And we planned this son this whole time, and let me say, it's the best time to have it.

But back into topic, I’m no father, not yet, she’s a mom yes, but it’s different, having a kid is fairly easy but rising a son, educating him, is a whole different story, but we’re into that, maybe in 5 years someone would ask me “what does it feels to be a father?” And THEN I’ll have an answer, so about now, any answer I give is not TRUE, sorry ppl.

Many ppl too, familiars and friends have told us that it’s a great experience and such, so full of wonders, happiness and things like that, well, for that ppl I’d like to say that, despite the best wishes I can perceive, we as a starting family need to find out what’s our story, as it goes, not everything is wonderful, but everything is valuable, and you can learn out of anything actually.

We do are happy and thankful to be allowed to participate in this excellent adventure, together, or alone, who knows the future, it feels great having this options and we’re going to make the best use out of it of course.

But then again, thank you for your comments, are always welcome and it cheers us up, thank you for your attention.

-by unDave

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