miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

#RANT WELL FUCK YOU! I can't post this anywhere else, bitter RANT!

I still don't know WHAT THE FUCK am i doing sitting all day in front of a computer listening to stupid ppl ranting and complaining about a stupid fuck slow system with flaws and fails everywhere while on the other hand i can't possibly fix up, patch up or improve, listening also to my boss who don't appreciate my work nor my time and telling me that i don't have any more extra days off just kus i asked once and didn't take it anyway.... ah.. true, i need the money, oh ok.... that's how work works isn't it? Well BITE ME, i hate the retarded REAL WORLD, i need to keep trying to make time for Sinsenstu..... ARGH!!!! I'm going to clean up a little while, FULL DEEP CLEAN UP or i can't do anything at all, ANYTHING....

-by unDave™

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