jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010


Since i know you, you always wear headphones, why is that?

Oh wow, some one noticed lol.

Srsly, since 7th grade, when my dad gave me a classic metal Sony Walkman, when i bought my first headphones, original by the way, i discovered Radioactive 98/5, ok, i won't go to that topic, but since then i love that feeling i have of having my own "OST" lol.

Then i switched to digital media player, don't remember which one, then i could "choose" the tracks, and it was nice, upon my mood, or the ocasion, i have music ready anytime.

There are of course other motives, i don't like the feeling of belonging to this world, this society, and so i isolate from everyone else, when tere is too mcuh noise, too much brainwaves, emotions in the air i can always get back to myself.

Nowadays i discovered i'm kinda addicted to music, yes it is possible, i wake up with a song, i even wake up with a song in my mind, i sleep listening to music, but that goes way before 7th grade, i've always loved music and i always will.

Concerning to the "headphones" topic, i think i made my point clear.

-by unDave™

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