viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

i know you are not from usa or any other english native language country, so why do you speak it here and there?

C'mon, this can't be unrelated.

Ok, to be honest, i don't have any problem about spanish or mexico, or being mexican, not at all, well, maybe a little, but is not about that.

See, half my family live up there at the states and half of them have families FROM there, i mean, native, so part of my family IS USA'ish, i mean even I AM an AMERICAN, can't use that word fairly, sorry.

Here in Mexico the ppl who actually speaks it is overrated, at work they pay more money for that skill, and i'm proud to say that i didn't learn it from school or any course or special class. That part of the family has something to do with it, yes, but about 80% i did it by myself, so yeah, i'm proud of it.

It is not perfect as you can read, but i think i can pass by any person from the states just easy lol.

I want to actually make it official and earn some more money, i have a growing family of my own and i'm concerned about it.

I do like Mexico, some mexicans well, i preffer to keep silent, and as a country i love, it's great, beautiful, but as ppl i don't pretty much, some of them are great of course, but i preffer to keep my distance.

I'm no racist, not a Malinche or something, i am a not so tolerant/patient person, you name it.

I hope this clarifyes one thing or another about it, i have my reasons to keep speaking it, kuz english i thiknk i had enough to speak it clearly enough.

-by unDave™

P.D. I was learning Esperanto but i don't have the time anymore.....

Simple and stupid plain question will not be answered...

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Yuuko dijo...

eres acaso dave francisco acosta carranza??? solo es una duda, tu forma de escribir es muy similar a la de esta persona, q por cierto no eh visto en años.