viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

New year again, but...

For the new year i prepared a scrip that's not gonna be rode, a speach that's not gonna be told, a lesson that's not gonna be teached and thousands of peomises that are not gonna be fulfilled. But I have this instead, reality, and that's palpable, touchable, smellable, fealable. This, as the year ends, is what I give to you today, reality.
Today, in a few hours, begin 2010, the adulthood, 24, your tigger year, your childhood, you must abandon your past, and embrace your fate, as it is, with goods and bads? Grace and disgrace, but more importantly, take care of it, make it happen, don't wait and take what's yours, and what belongs to someone else, if it's yours, take it, without hessitate.
This last year was preparation, now is time to make it happen, to feel, to do, and to take, yes, TAKE.
Tomorrow, there is a new sun, a new sky, a new life, the battle finally begins, don't dissapoint your past and your teachings, hold onto them and walk straight forward with pride, honour and gratitude.
Tomorrow, whatever happened is a lesson, whatever you met is a memory, and whatever you did is behind you.
If you ever want to take yourself seriously, begin now, this time, begin well, once for all, and when it is done, stand up, yell, this is me, this is mine, I did this, and this is what I have to teach, embrace your dreams, don't let go, fight for it, and with your last breath, you'll be rewarded in time if you don't want it so bad to screw it up.
Don't mind others, stay put and you'll see what is worth, be patient and humble, but work hard and enjoy it, the process and the end of all.
From now on, it's everything or nothing, with all, with everything and everyone, each one and all over. No more excuses and self pity.
You can, you've done, you ARE, what's more important, so, everything should be fine, from now on.
An so, with this said, done, made, go forth, future awaits, a bright one, what you want, all of it, its there for you to take it, what are you waiting for....?

This was kinda wrote to myself, but it could work for almost anyone, so, take care, c'ya guys!

-by unDave

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