viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Ha B-day to meeee...

Well, that's kinda ironic actually.

Now at the dawn of my 24 b-day i look back and i can see things done and things not done, and yes of course, things unDone. LOL.

But sersly, this time of year is full of surprises, y'know, my engagement with Merian, my B-day, new year, oh well, backwars but you got the idea.

Say, is time to walk on, look back what's done and such, and there are a lot of things, both sides, and negative ones, of course, time to think over them, and such, and i'm not getting anywhere, am i?

Well, dear followers, oh my, is not twitter, well, readers, ppl in general, this time of the year, i can say this, it's been nice been around, and of course i'll be around for a time being, i have troubles, well, who doeesn't, but i hace a system y'know, of course it works for me and it looks like is not working at all, lol, but it does.

So in short, i thank all the ppl around me for not moving a finger to help around, lol, it keeps me focused y'know, my old thesis still stands.

About work i'm stable, Merian is fine and the baby gets along, our future is uncertain but you can rest knowing i'll do everything at hand to ensure their future, mine, well, we'll see...

About friends is another topic, some are gone, some are not (friends i mean), and some i don't want't to hear about, it was a year full of surprises, there are the ones still around and the ones that aren't just available anymore, fot this and that, well, thanks for thah.

There are special persons for me around somewhere, here and there, ppl i still care about, y'ppl know who you are, if you don't it's a shame, and if you think you are, well, pity you, y're not tha important, lol.

But seriously guys, i've been through to much lately, i feel like i'll die any moment soon, lol, srsly, but i'm not willing to do so, until i see the very end of it, lol.

I lol a lot, i know, and again, i thank you all, you are my strenght and my will, i live for my public, for the ppl who needs me, and for who doesn't need me, well, we'll see what can we do about it, lol.

Srsly guys again, this year i passed trough a lot, alone, witn company, family, friends, i thank you, and i thank myself, who i won't be able to do anything lol. I hope that this my 24th year won't be the last, nor minor to the last one, let's make it shine and lol, why the hell not, let's have some fun while we're at it.

That's all folks, i hope you enjoyed this little improvised speech of mine, and if you don, well f'u lol.

Greetings from Largopolis, this is your Mayor unDave saying "unas paleas?"

-by unDave?

"Aaaaah, the dark side of ambition"
-Cap'n Jack Sparrow

[MP3] [07:16] Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knockin'

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