miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

Mindless Self Indulgence @ Moto Rokr Fest 08 (English version)

First of all I apologize for my poor english, I’m Mexican without proper teaching.

I attended the MotoRkr Fest 2008 in Mexico City.
I got lost, not knowing where was the scenery I was looking for. So, in the first song I was runnind among the crowd, hearing Jimmy’s voice, then, they were there, in front of my eyes, and it was like ‘OMG, they did came, I gotta get closer’, and so I did. I flew over the crowd, and it’s on tape.
There they were, there was I, but then, it was over and nothing could be done about it, the 30-40 mins of the performance were over and they wouldn’t be back.
So, my topic is, I want to offer an official apology, as a fan. The event,the public, the crowd, was so cold, I have videos that prove it; there are fans, of course, and there is people who was just there, think about it. Jimmy is more than I expected, the performance, the band, what can I say?, for me, MSI is more than a band, is a lifestyle.

I think that the crowd was like that because of the following reasons:
1) The event was a Fest, a Festival, and several bands performs there; the MotoRokr Fest’s time was divided between 14 bands (originally, they were 10). I don’t know what the OCESA guys are planning, but it bothers us fans and people who was just there.
2) Half the public didn’t knew who was MSI, and the other half was just courious, my point is that MSI was not treated with respect, dignity, what a bands like them deserve, as all the bands and with the same rights of the fans, and of the people who went to know something new.

It was not just that they were given just 40 mins, that the total time of the Fest were splitten between so many bands,and, I dare tos ay, that MSI left with a bad image of the mexican public, it is just that it was needed to be the right sector, not people who just paid their ticket to drink beer and behave mischievous.
We hope to see you soon, on a concert, not a Fest, with exclusive MSI fans. I hope someone else read this,I hope MSI reads this, I hope Jimmy reads this, and MSI thinks about coming back and play for the Mexican fans, really, I hope to see you good.
By the way, I was the guy in b/w Vans, black pants and shirt, and white tie, b/w jacket, I attach a picture and a video, so you can see me, and you can see how “happy” was the crowd.
As an additional data, it happened the same to Pitchshifter, check out my other vdeos. The fest represents good opportunities to know, but I can say that many of the Mexican fans didn’t take it seriously,I think that I speak in the name of many of us who knows that Jimmy’s performance is “different”, but oh, well, NIN half and a hour, and MSI 40 mins, I think it is not fair.

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